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Will Window Film ELIMINATE Fading?

Window Film can not eliminate fading. Fading is caused by many factors including UV, Infrared Heat, Visible Light and other things not attributed to the sun such as humidity. Window Film will significantly reduce fading. Click on the following link to see a more detailed look at fading. Fading

How many degrees cooler Will I be?

It is impossible to tell you exactly how many degrees cooler your room or house will be after the Window Film has been applied. Factors such as exposure, trees or bushes that shade your glass, roof overhangs and time of year all play a big role in determining heat gain. However, it has been our experience that our most common films can reduce the temperature in the immediate area by 8 degrees or more!! Some films can reduce the temperature even more!! Just remember, your results will vary more or less.

Will Window Film ELIMINATE glare on my TV or Monitor?

Unfortunately, NO. Short of bricking up your windows NOTHING will eliminate the glare on your TV or Computer screen. However, Window Film can REDUCE the glare from 30% to 85% depending on the film you choose.

Will I void my window warranty?

Since a window manufacturer has no control over any altering you might do to their windows, most of them void their warranties if anything you do affects the properties or integrity of their product. In some cases this even includes installing blinds. In the case of Window Film, your window manufacturer will only void the remaining warranty on the glass portion of your windows. The frames etc. will continue to be warranted by your window manufacturer. The good news is that our film manufacturers pick up the glass portion of your warranty so there is no need to worry!! Click the following links to see the terms of the glass breakage warranty. Residential Warranty or Commercial Warranty

Does Window Film cause glass to break or seals to pop?

The installation of Window Film approved for your situation and type of glass WILL NOT cause a sound piece of glass to crack. However, if there is a hidden defect on the edge of your glass it is possible that even approved film could cause your glass to break. Seal Failure is caused by the natural aging process of your insulated unit or by a poor glazing design, NOT due to the application of Window Film. While glass and window manufacturers may blame window film as a cause for seal failures, there is little objective data to support this assertion.( click Here for more info) Remember, have no fear. Our film manufacturers have taken steps to cover you in case the unlikely event of thermal shock (breakage) or seal failure occurs. Click the following links to see the terms of the glass breakage warranty. Residential Warranty or Commercial Warranty

Why do I see little bubbles or patchiness soon after installation?

This is very normal. We use a lot of water to activate the adhesive and to allow us to move the film around and position it for a perfect installation. Although we squeegee out as much of the water as possible, some small amount remains between the glass and the film. As this water evaporates through the film you may see some little bubbles or foggy patches. These should go away within a few days but could last a month or so if we get very little sunshine to aid in the evaporation process.

Is all Window Film that shiny stuff?

Absolutely Not! The vast majority of Window Films have very little reflectivity. In fact, If we didn’t tell you which of your windows were tinted you might not be able to tell the difference. However, keep in mind that generally, the more reflective a film is the more heat rejection and glare reduction it will provide.

Will Window Film violate my home owners’ association covenants?

Most Window films that are designed for residential use will make little or no change to the appearance of your glass. However, there are some films that can significantly alter the appearance of your glass through reflectivity or darkness. Our most popular films have been accepted by every association that we have presented them to. In some instances, such as people living in historic buildings like some of the converted lofts in LoDo, city or state laws may dictate that you can only use clear film. If you have any questions about this check your covenants or ask us – its our job to know.

How long will the Window Film last?

Window film that is of good quality and properly installed on the interior side of the glass is in most cases warranted for life. The actual life span is about 30 years. However, due to certain conditions, you may get different results.

Will Window Film change the appearance of my glass?

Window Films are made in so many different densities and shades that we can install products that go from totally clear to totally black. If you want to change the appearance of your glass we can do it. If you don’t, and most home owners don’t, we won’t. Its that simple. Just keep in mind that in order to achieve a decent reduction in glare a slight change in the appearance of your glass may be needed. If heat rejection and UV rejection are all you want we can install film so light we promise you’ll never know it is there.

Does Window Film go on the inside or the outside?

Window Film almost always goes on the inside. In some very rare cases where a severe risk of thermal shock exists, specially designed exterior film can be applied. However, it is much more desirable to put the film on the inside surface thus keeping it out of the elements.

Will I have to clean my windows before installation?

No! Our Solar Control Specialists will thoroughly clean the interior of every pane of glass that we are tinting. This must be done in order to provide you with the best installation possible.

How do I clean my windows after they have been tinted?

You can clean your windows the same way you do today. Windex, vinegar & water, soap & water etc. are all fine. Just stay away from abrasives and cheap paper towels. The more expensive brands are softer and will be far less likely to put any scratches in your film. A soft cloth or squeegee seem to work best. Click this link to see detailed instructions. Care & Maintenance.

Can Window Film be removed?

Yes, Window Film can be removed at any time after the installation. However, it must be scraped off. There is no chemical that will safely remove window film. Please call us if you require a removal. It is a very tough and messy job.

What if I have Low-E Windows?

If you have Low-E windows you may have been told that your windows will keep out all of the UV and a bunch of the heat as well as keeping in heat in the winter. Unfortunately, you have been misled. Low-E coatings work on long wave lengths of energy or what is called the far infra-red. This energy is present in your house because of your heater or some object that may have absorbed some of the sun’s heat and is now re-radiating it. The Low-E coating reflects a portion of this back into the house. However, the heat from the sun is mostly a short wave length of energy called near infra-red. Window Film is designed to reflect and absorb this type of energy while Low-E coatings are not! Also, Low-E coatings only reject a portion of the UV but not nearly the 99.9% that Window Film does.